[Tweeters] Brown Pelicans/anchovies

Kelly Mcallister mcallkrm at dfw.wa.gov
Thu Dec 2 17:58:35 PST 2004

The news media has taken an interest in the Olympia Brown Pelicans. John Dodge, at the Olympian, has written a couple of
articles about them, KOMO radio did a short spot and KING-TV would like to get some images to do a short story.

I've only been able to find 2 pelicans though another Fish and Wildlife employee saw 3 yesterday. This morning, the 2 pelicans
soared over the boat basin immediately north of the kissing couple statue at Percival Landing. They went over my head about
30 feet up. I walked down onto the dock on the east side of the Olympia Oyster House and saw that there were 10 million
small fish hanging in the water column. There were lots of three-spined sticklebacks at the surface but most of the 10 million
fish were down a bit deeper and, by dip-netting a few, I determined they were northern anchovies which I've never seen
in south Puget Sound despite spending most of my 48 years living here and spending lots of time on and near the salt water.

It made perfect sense to me that these Brown Pelicans have settled in and made a new winter home in a place where they
wake up each morning to an abundance of anchovies, a fish that has to be a hundred times more abundant in California
than it is here in Washington, kind of like pelicans.

Kelly McAllister
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Olympia, Washington
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