[Tweeters] Off topic, but important...

Christopher Duke dukec at cc.wwu.edu
Fri Dec 3 11:54:10 PST 2004

Hey all,

Please forgive the off-topicness of this email, I just wanted to make
available a link that some people may be interested in, a petition to cut
emissions from the US and hopefully convince our Govt to help counteract,
or even go so far as acknowledge (gasp! ;) global warming. I'd prefer to
be able to see our native birds in Washington in thirty years, instead of

The link: http://iw.rtm.com/ed/undoit_petition_1.asp?sitecode=gg

Once agian, sorry for the activism of this email, I just thought a few of
you may have been interested, spread the word to anyone else who would!
Thanks, guys, good birding, and may all your strays be arctic!

-Chris Duke
Bellingham (once again stuck in Renton)
dukec at cc.wwu.edu

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