[Tweeters] Satsop CBC

MurrayH at aol.com MurrayH at aol.com
Sun Dec 5 12:27:35 PST 2004

Attn: Mr. Schooley -- I have lost your E-mail address and you neglected to
include it with your phone number in WOSNews re the above count. We are out
of the 360 area code and would appreciate it if you would send on your E-mail
address. Except for last winter, we have always participated in this count --
I forget the area number but it is east of Satsop and includes Schouweiler
and Moore Roads and the Golf Course.

We look forward to hearing from you-- Sincerely, Murray Hansen & Betty

(Mrs.) Murray Hansen
Graham, WA
MurrayH at aol.com

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