[Tweeters] FW: Get Involved for CBC now live, and CBC issue on the way

Kit Struthers kit619 at ida.net
Sun Dec 5 15:53:39 PST 2004


This just came today.

Kit Struthers, Idaho Falls, ID
kit619 at ida.net

From: cbcadmin at audubon.org
Organization: National Audubon Society
Reply-To: cbcadmin at audubon.org
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 00:25:39 -0500
To: kit619 at ida.net
Subject: Get Involved for CBC now live, and CBC issue on the way

CBC Compiler Update

Greetings Compilers,

Happy December! We hope that you are in the final stages of planning your
CBC. If not, please let us know immediately. We have great news--the 104th
CBC Summary issues of American Birds have been printed, are now being bound,
and will be in the mail to recipients by next Tuesday.

Also, we're pleased to announce that the "Get Involved" tool is now
available on the CBC website--and the Christmas Bird Count is also
highlighted on the Audubon homepage.

Furthermore, observers can now pre-register for your CBC if you have chosen
that option.

Here's the link to "Get Involved":


Please remember that if you want your CBC to be visible to the public
through the "Get Involved" link on the web site, you must first enter the
date of your upcoming CBC into the database. So if you haven't already done
so, please log in and post your date now. If you have any difficulties with
your login information, please email cbcadmin at audubon.org.

Thanks for your work on the CBC.

Best wishes,

CBC Staff

P.S. Access to data entry can be found at www.audubon.org/bird/cbc. From
there, click on "Data Entry/Review". All compiler resources can be found on
the compiler's page at www.audubon.org/bird/cbc/cp.html. You are receiving
this because you are set up as a compiler in the Christmas Bird Count

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