[Tweeters] November turkey vulture report

Diann MacRae tvulture at vei.net
Mon Dec 6 11:22:32 PST 2004

Hi, Tweets

This will, I think, be the shortest turkey vulture report ever, but then
it's November and most of them are probably sunning themselves down in the
tropical rainforests and surrounds by now. November reports are both for
Washington, but word from Vancouver Island says that there are usually a
very few who hang around for the winter.

Keep watching on those Christmas Counts for a possible winter vulture.

Turkey vultures reported for November, 2004:

20 -- 1 from Sequim

23 -- 1 laboring its way south over Des Moines

Thanks for all the great reports throughout the year. This will eventually
be an interesting demographic study for this non-threatened species.

Have great holidays, everyone.

Cheers, Diann
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