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[Tweeters] Crawdad shell in owl pelletI believe Bent mentions that Great Horned Owls, at least, eat crawfish, and some other aquatic critters. I just checked Bent for Barred Owl, as their habitat preferences would lead one to think aquatic items might be on the menu, and they are: "frogs, crayfish, lizards, small snakes, snails, slugs, salamanders, flesh of a terrapin, perch, hornpout and other fishes, ..."

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  Denny Granstrand wrote, "I found an owl pellet in the Tahoma Cemetery on S. 24th Ave. in Yakima last
  week that had a crawdad shell in it.  Wide Hollow Creek runs along the south end of the cemetery. This is the first pellet I have found with something other than a rodent in it.  From the size of the pellet, and other pellets I found near it, I think it is from a Barn Owl."

  When I was a kid in Minneapolis back in the Paleolithic, I found an owl pellet that was entirely crayfish skeleton near a pond.  I wondered how an owl would catch crayfish; I suppose a hungry bird learns to catch whatever is available.

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