[Tweeters] Trumpeter Swan lead poisoning

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Tue Dec 7 13:10:47 PST 2004

    The recent posting at least keeps the topic in the forefront. For an
update on the Swan Lead Poisoning study/project, please visit our website at
    Additional information is availabe via a summary paper written by WDFW,
CWS and USFW.  I have it electronically and will send it to anyone who
e-mails me directly.  The Trumpeter Swan Society is working hard with this
issue, including the Kevin Sinclair - Judson Lake situation.  There are
other documents available to the public and I am happy to share them with
those who make a request.
    ALSO, to help solve the mystery of where the lead is coming from, The
Trumpeter Swan Society has launched an ADOPT A SWAN program.  The funds will
pay for spotting scopes for volunteer monitors on both sides of the border,
download of satellite transmitter data (now 3 have been placed on swans in
addition to more than 100 VHF radio collars), swan necropsy and more
volunteer expenses.
So, visit the Adopt a Swan page at: www.swansociety.org   scroll down to
What's New and click on Adopt a Swan.   The best part is, you can go look
for your special swan, a real treasure hunt for your bird in Whatcom County
or Skagit County.

Martha Jordan

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