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Wed Dec 8 21:04:14 PST 2004

Hi Tweets,

The Kent Boeing Ponds Say’s Phoebe was seen again today by Steve Pink,
Dennis Duffy and I. It was feeding along a row of short metal poles, just
east of the ponds. This is a small vacant lot across from an empty business
office and sort of between the ponds and the Boeing Tennis facility. It
apparently was also seen along the fenceline, south of the main pond and
just east of the small pond in past days.

Other birds of note included a male American Kestrel, a small flock of
Yellow-rumps, a male and a female Eurasian Wigeon, a male hybrid
Gadwall/Wigeon and an odd Mallard that was also likely a hybrid of some
sort. There are no domestics in the area so I doubt the Mallard was a
domestic cross. The “Gadgeon” (or “Widwall”?), was very interesting. It was
an obvious Gadwall by chest color and pattern (gray vermiculations) and fawn
brown head, but the sides were bright rufous brown, just like the wigeon
there, and the bill also appeared short, and very dark (blackish?). Quite a
striking bird, though not quite as cool as the male Shoveler/Cinnamon Teal I
saw at the Kent Ponds several years ago.

Good birding,

Jim Flynn

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