[Tweeters] NE Tacoma Birders / CBC

M & A Freeland maamfree at verizon.net
Wed Dec 8 16:21:59 PST 2004

Hello Tweeters,

I would like to hear from birders and feederwatchers from the NE Tacoma 
area.  The Tahoma CBC is Dec 18th and I cover the residential areas of 
the NE Tacoma plateau.  I live in this area and have done this route for 
many years.  I would like to hear from birders and feeder watchers who 
live in this nneighborhood who would be willing to allow (area 2) 
CBC'ers visit thier yards and feeders on count day.  Access to area 
greenbelts and the Northshore golf course are limited.  Please send 
answers to me directly.

Adele Freeland
Federal Way WA
maamfree at verizon.net

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