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Robert Woodley bobpatwoodley at msn.com
Thu Dec 9 13:36:08 PST 2004

Hi Tweeters:
     Today, Dec. 9, Nancy LaFramboise and I birded the area in Richland north of Newcomer St., east of Geo. Washington Way, and south of Richardson St. in North Richland with the following results.  I have ignored waterfowl, gulls, and corvids in the following list:
California quail  (many)
Northern flicker  (2)
Golden-crowned kinglet  (2)
Cedar waxwing  (20-30)
Bewick's wren  (2)
American robin  (several)
Mountain chickadee  (1)
Red-breasted nuthatch  (about 6)
White-breasted nuthatch  (1)
Yellow-rumped warbler  (several)
Western tanager  (1 female, amazingly late)
White-crowned sparrow  (several)
House finch  (many)
Common redpoll  (3)
American goldfinch  (many)

The White-breasted nuthatch and Common redpolls are locally rare, but the Western tanager is absolutely unheard of at this time of year.  It was associating with Robins and presumably feeding on fruit, but we watched it catch and devour a large insect of some nature, probably a special treat.
                                       Cheers,   Bob Woodley
Richland, WA
bobpatwoodley at msn.com
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