[Tweeters] Legal information about Pale Male/Lola nest removal

Guy Monty glmonty at poecile.com
Fri Dec 10 07:00:35 PST 2004

Hi Tweeters,

I am as saddened by this as anyone else. But some of the information
being put out on these websites is less than accurate. This nest was not
protected under federal law, and it is simply false to claim otherwise. The
nests of Red-tailed Hawks are not protected outside of the nesting season.
Legally (ethical and moral judgements are a different issue) anyone can
remove them, or destroy the habitat where they exist. This is true for 98%
of the species of birds in North America. Maybe this event can serve to wake
people up to inadequate laws protecting birds? That would be great. But the
continual claims that these people broke the law is simply false. If the
people had removed the nest during the nesting season, then the resulting
public outcry would probably cause them to be charged. Pity that the
millions of birds nests destroyed by logging, agriculture, and development
each summer in North America don't deserve equal protection under the law
isn't it?
Guy L. Monty
Parksville, BC

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