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Fri Dec 10 09:46:12 PST 2004


A New York City institution and America's most famous avian celebrity is
in jeopardy! For more than 10 years, the world has been dazzled and awed
by a Red-Tailed Hawk who has made his home atop a 5th Avenue apartment
overlooking Central Park. That is until earlier this week, when his nest
was destroyed at the direction of the building's cooperative board. Take
action today by signing our petition and put this beautiful hawk back in
his home for the holidays!

Named "Pale Male" by his numerous faithful followers, captured in a book
and PBS documentary, this hawk has been tirelessly trying to rebuild his
nest, a somewhat futile effort, as the co-op also removed a series of
steel spikes - originally put in place to discourage pigeons from
roosting - but managed to provide a strong structure to hold Pale Male's
nest in place. Why the co-op destroyed the nest is unclear. What is
clear is that Pale Male's future is uncertain -- but he isn't giving up,
so neither are we!

Audubon is calling for a full investigation as to why this happened,
what is needed to remedy this situation, and whether reinstating the
nest or other mitigation measures will be effective. And we've also
launched a nationwide petition drive to urge the co-op to allow Pale
Male to rebuild his nest and remain in New York City. Help restore Pale
Male's home in time for the holidays by participating in this petition
drive! Simply review the petition below and click on the link provided.
Your action will go a long way to helping ensure Pale Male does not go
homeless for the holidays!


A Red-Tailed Hawk - a New York state protected species -- known
throughout the world as "Pale Male" -- has made a home atop your
building for the last 11 years. Through books and a documentary film
about his life, Pale Male has become a great symbol and story of New
York City. Removal of his nest and spiked footing above the 12th floor
center window that faces 5th Avenue leaves his future uncertain.
Red-Tailed Hawks have a great fidelity to the nest, and as it's been his
home for the last 11 years, he'll want to stay as close as possible. We
the undersigned urge you to replace the spiked footing above the twelfth
floor center window that faces Fifth Avenue, or provide a platform that
could be claimed by Pale Male as a safe place to nest. Please take
action today to give Pale Male and his mate a chance to rebuild their
nest prior to mating season, which begins in February.

To sign this petition, simply email audubonaction at audubon.org
<mailto:audubonaction at audubon.org?subject=Pale Male Petition Signature>
and provide your name, address, city, state and zip. Thank you for your

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