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Bill and Nancy LaFramboise wlafra at owt.com
Thu Dec 9 17:47:40 PST 2004

The record Bill & I have in our database from the Dennys was on Dec. 10, 
1999.  I told Bob it was the same date but I was off a day.


At 04:31 PM 12/9/2004 -0800, you wrote:
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>Hi again Tweeters:
>      A postscript to my earlier message today.  I was remiss in not 
> including the Mountain Chickadee as a locally rare species in 
> Richland.  Also, Nancy checked her data accumulation and determined that 
> the Dennys also had a very late Western tanager.  Theirs was observed on 
> the same date, Dec. 9, several years ago along Mill Creek Road in Walla 
> Walla County.
>                                                 Cheers again,
>                                                           Bob Woodley
>Richland, WA
>bobpatwoodley at msn.com
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