[Tweeters] Pale Male significant to all

Judy Stone-Roth ravan at centurytel.net
Fri Dec 10 16:50:57 PST 2004

Pale Male is important as a statement of wildlife's place beside us, 
urban planning with little effort, can include owls, hawks nighthawks, 
and on and on. Pale Male is a symbol of our ablity and privilige to 
share space with these species. The thrill and education involved with 
this interaction is invaluable
for all in this setting. The sense of wonder & elation created by these 
animals daily lives is invaluable.It isn't a matter of broken laws, its 
a spirit of wildness and freedom shared as a common experience, 
important to everyone.

                            Judy Roth
                              Ocean Park, Wa

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