[Tweeters] Upcoming Vancouver visit

Bruce Whittington fieldnat at pacificcoast.net
Sat Dec 11 08:24:02 PST 2004

The information I have as of a couple of weeks ago is that the latest 
estimate is there are only 8 breeding pairs of Spotted Owls left in BC, 
many if not all threatened by government policy on logging (although at 
least two companies have voluntarily stopped logging in SPOW home 
range). At least one of those pairs has been put off its nest in recent 
years by visiting birders. If ABA birders have any shred of 
responsibility (and most do) they will leave the Spotted Owls alone. 
Our governments are not protecting them, so it is up to us.

Bruce Whittington
Ladysmith, BC
mailto: fieldnat at pacificcoast.net

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