[Tweeters] Iceland Gull??

Christopher Duke dukec at cc.wwu.edu
Sat Dec 11 15:05:33 PST 2004

Hey all,

I just got in to Renton for the holidays with the family, has anyone seen
hide or hair(feather) of the Iceland Gull at the mouth of the Cedar?  Or
any Glaucous, Slaty, or even as crazy as, say, a Greater Blck-backed? 
Thought about chasing the bunting in Vancouver, but finals took priority.

On a side note, I took advantage of this beautiful day to go for a quick
outing to a local spot, Soos Creek Trail, near Kentridge High School. 
Nothing spectacular, but some fun birds.  Great looks at both kinglets
(Ruby with crown flared in sunlight, whoa...), some good waterfowl, and a
number of sparrows, including one unidentified bird who never really gave
a clean look, he was in pretty dense cover, and spishing clearly wasn't
going to bring him out.  Looked to be either a Lincoln's or a Swamp, he
sounded slightly off, and reviewing the call note here at home makes me
think Swamp.  For anyone in the area that wants to check it out, it was
present in a blackberry bramble just north of the first bridge over Soos
Creek that you reach from the parking lot.  If you find the bird, please
post it!  Hope everyone got out to enjoy this day.

Good Birding!

Chris Duke
Bellingham (currently in Renton, sigh)
dukec at cc.wwu.edu

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