[Tweeters] Red-shouldered Hawk near Hoquiam 12-11

Ruth Sullivan godwit at worldnet.att.net
Sat Dec 11 19:06:16 PST 2004

Hello Tweets,

Today my mother and I observed the lingering immature Red-shouldered Hawk along Paulson Rd. near the Hoquiam STP at 4pm. We initially checked the area along Paulson Rd. and the surrounding area around the Hoquiam STP earlier in the day,but we unable to locate the bird. We arrived back to the location at 4pm upon driving home from Ocean Shores,where we were met by Marv Breece and Michael Fleming,who were both looking at the bird through their spotting scopes. We continued watching the bird,as it perched in an alder tree facing us along immediately west of Paulson Rd. at fairly close range and we learned that Marv and Michael initially heard the bird calling before seeing it. We continued watching the bird until 4:30pm,as lighting conditions declined,but the bird seems to be comfortable within the appropriate habitat at this location so hopefully it will linger through the winter. We were given great views of the warm rust barred breast and upperparts,as well as the obvious banded tail and relatively stocky build,as it fluffed itself,possibly for a night roost. Another great sighting of this bird and our best highlight to end the day.

Earlier in the day we checked various locations at Ocean Shores,as we ran into Bob Norton and Doug and Pipper Watkins,who also birded the Ocean Shores area. Due to limited time we didn't cover all the major areas at Ocean Shores,but located a few highlights. Many inland and coastal areas were fairly heavily flooded along with the added high tide that made conditions evenmore flooded. Conditions remained calm and pleasant all day,but turning more cloudy at the end of the day. A list of our most noteworthy sightings for the day included the following at selected locations:

Red-throated Loon
1 near the Hoquiam STP(Grays Harbor)
1 at the Oyhut Wildlife Area(Ocean Shores)

Great Egret
1 lingering bird at the Oyhut WA

Greater White-fronted Goose
15 at the Ocean Shores Golf Course

Snow Goose
1 immature bird at the Hoquiam STP

Eurasian Wigeon
1 near the Hoquiam STP

65+ at the Hoquiam STP

1 pair at Cabana"pond"(Perkin's pond)at Ocean Shores

Harlequin Duck
1 pair at the Oyhut WA

Black Scoter
9 at the Oyhut WA
1 at the Ocean Shores Jetty

Ruddy Duck
25 at the Hoquiam STP

4 along Brady Loop Rd.
1 at the Hoquiam STP

Peregrine Falcon
2 at Bowerman Basin

Ring-necked Pheasant
1 near the Oyhut WA

Virginia Rail
1 calling bird along Paulson Rd.(near the Hoquiam STP)

Greater Yellowlegs
18 bird in heavily flooded fields along S.R.109 at Grays Gables(between Ocean Shores and Hoquiam)

Black Turnstone
10 at the Ocean Shores Jetty

47 at the Ocean Shores Jetty

Rock Sandpiper
10 at the Ocean Shores Jetty

Hermit Thrush
3 near the Oyhut WA

15 along Brady Loop Rd.

Yellow-rumped Warbler(both subspecies)
40+ near the Oyhut WA

Western Meadowlark
17 along Brady Loop Rd.
1 near the Oyhut WA

Good birding,

Ruth and Patrick Sullivan
godwit at worldnet.att.net

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