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San Juan Island/Co., 12/9-12/10What Matt bashfully neglected to point out is that, with the ~80 species he picked up for San Juan county this week, Matt has accomplished a rare feat. In 2004, Matt Bartels saw more than 50 species in each and every one of the 39 counties in Washington State. Quite a year.

I, for one, an mightily impressed.

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Hi hi -
Thursday and Friday [Dec 9 & 10] I birded on San Juan Island. Overall, the diversity of birds was pretty good, especially given the near constant rain all day Thursday and all afternoon Friday. Highlights included AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER, ANCIENT MURRELET, an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, and CACKLING GEESE. No hints of Skylarks appeared in the 2 long trips through the American Camp fields. I also spent too long in the last bits of daylight & with foggy glasses trying hard to turn a plastic bag in a bush into a Snowy Owl - eventually I trudged over to almost touch it, but not before I had managed to see the ear tufts, and even guess the sex....

No shockingly rare birds, but here's the full list w/ some location info since we don't seem to get many San Juan reports on Tweeters. Almost all locations mentioned can be found in the WA ABA guide, pp. 101-5. I'd also recommend picking up a free San Juan Island map while on the ferry for a few more place & street ideas.

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