[Tweeters] Falcon Hunting in My Yard

Christine Giannini nightbird7 at care2.com
Sun Dec 12 14:13:38 PST 2004

1:54 PM Sunday: A small bird landed on my tube feeder. I was
enjoying watching it as it was the first to come since I'd come to
the window. It had been there a few seconds when a blur of slate
gray came in behind it, grabbed it and took off without ever landing
anywhere nearby. It's that fast. You hardly believe your eyes, but
no more small bird. You know what - it was fun to see the falcon
earlier this week, but having my feeders be its focus is not. Time
for going beyond squirrel and rat prevention. Now I have to figure
out falcon baffling.

Christine Giannini
North Kirkland (Juanita)
nightbird7 at care2.com

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