[Tweeters] King Co LTDU & SAPH and Pierce Co LTDU 12/12

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 12 17:59:31 PST 2004

Hi hi -
Today I made a couple stops around southern King County & northern
Pierce County. For the most part, things were pretty quiet, but a
couple notable birds showed up:

LONG-TAILED DUCK - Gene Coulon Park, Renton, King Co: As reported by
Marv Breece, a female LTDU was present at the north end of the park
late this morning. It was very close to shore, dabbling a bit with
Mallards & Gadwall near the 2nd-to-last wood bridge as you head north.

SAYS PHOEBE - Boeing Ponds, 59th & 199th Kent, King Co: After failing
to find this one yesterday afternoon, I made another go of it today.
And it was back! The phoebe was north & west of the ponds, in the
fields across the street [199th] from the building numbered 6324. It
seems too cool to be finding food, but the phoebe was actively
flycatching from low perches.

LONG-TAILED DUCK - Dash Point Fishing Pier in Pierce Co. My final
stop this afternoon was at the fishing pier - this female LTDU was
also in very close, spending most of the hour right under the pier.
Eventually, it moved off a little and joined a group of Surf Scoters
in some group dives.

Good birding,

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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