[Tweeters] hand feeding birds at Green Lake

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Sun Dec 12 13:18:47 PST 2004

A few folks are hand feeding the Red Wing Blackbirds along the Aurora
side of Green Lake almost every day. Some days; both hands. Some days;
only one hand. And some days even a bold female. One or two weekenders
throw out handfulls of birdseed, plenty for all (too much?). This can
bring out more than a dozen blackbirds, lots of sparrows, but it also
attracts the occasional small rat.

A Great Blue Heron is also a frequent visitor to the area, usually
observing from the water side of the cattails or from the lower limbs of
the large evergreen tree. The past week the GBH has become bolder,
standing on the grass less than eight feet from the paved path, and
ignoring most pedestrians. Although there has been talk, no one has yet
been seen trying to hand feed him!

So the hungry GBH decided to take matters into his own bill, so to speak.
After remaining motionless for several minutes, he made a lightning fast
thrust into the blackberry vines and extracted a small rat. He took the
rat up onto the paved path and held it firmly while the rat struggled for
his life. After perhaps a minute the grip apparently lessened just enough
for the rat to escape and dive back into the brush.

The hand feedeers are no longer even talking about trying to feed the

John Pollock

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