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Diane Yorgason-Quinn Avosetta at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 12 19:36:54 PST 2004

Several years ago, my birding buddies and I (the Willettes) were in Stanley
Park, Vancouver, BC, and saw a person there hand-feeding the Great Blue
Herons with a pan of smelt. These herons were very tame and were expecting
him. They would take the smelt right out of his hand. It was quite eerie.

Diane Yorgason-Quinn
Gig Harbor, WA
Avosetta at hotmail.com

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>A few folks are hand feeding the Red Wing Blackbirds along the Aurora

> side of Green Lake almost every day. Some days; both hands. Some days;

> only one hand. And some days even a bold female. One or two weekenders

> throw out handfulls of birdseed, plenty for all (too much?). This can

> bring out more than a dozen blackbirds, lots of sparrows, but it also

> attracts the occasional small rat.


> A Great Blue Heron is also a frequent visitor to the area, usually

> observing from the water side of the cattails or from the lower limbs of

> the large evergreen tree. The past week the GBH has become bolder,

> standing on the grass less than eight feet from the paved path, and

> ignoring most pedestrians. Although there has been talk, no one has yet

> been seen trying to hand feed him!


> So the hungry GBH decided to take matters into his own bill, so to speak.

> After remaining motionless for several minutes, he made a lightning fast

> thrust into the blackberry vines and extracted a small rat. He took the

> rat up onto the paved path and held it firmly while the rat struggled for

> his life. After perhaps a minute the grip apparently lessened just enough

> for the rat to escape and dive back into the brush.


> The hand feedeers are no longer even talking about trying to feed the

> GBH!


> John Pollock

> Seattle

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