[Tweeters] WW Co. CBC SCOUTING

mike denny m.denny at charter.net
Sun Dec 12 21:13:28 PST 2004

Hello All,
While out in the field this weekend I was a firm believer in the whole idea of " Global Warming" as we birded through 60-65 degree F temps. Today was cause to falter in the whole idea of warmer winters as 30 degrees had dropped off the air temps and been replaced by a bone chilling, damp, cold. MerryLynn and I were out scouting a section of the WW CBC. Birds of note are as follows.........

American Pipit...........30+ birds, 4.3 miles north of Walla Walla along HWY 125.

LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE....1 AD. at the top of hill along the north end of Evens Rd. which is north of Dixie. Unexpected!

Bohemian Waxwing.....67 birds in Dixie, above Actor Street.

Evening Grosbeak.........6 birds in Dixie along Water Street.

Those are they. Stay warm and remember tomorrow it may be spring again at the rate our weather is going.

Later Mike

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