[Tweeters] cancel that AGPL report from San Juan Island

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 12 19:11:19 PST 2004

Hi Tweeters -
After some gentle questioning by more knowledgable community members, 
I agree that I probably did not see American-golden Plovers on San 
Juan Island last Friday[12/10].

While the field marks I saw on the standing birds fit nicely with 
nonbreeding AGPLs [size, back color, dark cap & bright supercilium], 
I didn't get solid enough details to clinch it. Given that AGPL 
aren't supposed to be around at this time of year, and given the 
potential for variation in imm.BBPL, I'd say it was more likely I was 
noticing the variation w/in imm.BBPLs. Sigh.

Live & learn...

Matt Bartels,
Seattle, WA

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