[Tweeters] Spotted Owl and Indicator Species

Ingrid Ossanna taiona at centurytel.net
Wed Dec 15 11:27:47 PST 2004

To Robert and Tweeters:

Thanks for the reply, Robert.  I got into this stream of conversation near the end, I assume.  I figured that there was some discussion re: Barred vs. Spotted that I may have missed.  

I plead guilty, however, never to miss a beat when it comes to stating a case for increased awareness of our dwindling natural resources.  A long time ago (that's relative of course) I worked as a secretary on a project sponsored by U.S. Wildlife incorporating Washington, Idaho and Oregon local agencies in publishing a textbook on Forest management.  

I remember two things distinctly about this venture.  First, how a six month project actually hit the four year mark, because of all of the disagreements and backbiting of the various expert participants. Secondly, how in private, the overall coordinator of this project confided in me his total dismay over logging practices that had pretty much checkerboarded our state (Washington). His 'sorrow' (it's the only word I can think of that comes close to what I heard) has stayed with me over the years. 

I have lived on the Olympic Peninsula for the last twenty-five years, in various places, and have personally seen good and bad stewardship of the land. All of these experiences combined have left me with the feeling that it is a good thing to have an open discussion about all of the aspects of these discussions.  It is after all our planet that benefits in the long run. And for the purposes of this discussion board, the tweeters.

Again, thanks for your reply and for your good work.

Ingrid Ossanna
Elma, Washington
taiona at centurytel.net
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