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Devorah Bennu birdologist at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 17 15:47:59 PST 2004

Hello Tweets,

Tonight (6 pm EST), I just returned from the silent
Vigil of Lights being held in across the street from
the building where Pale Male and Lola lived. EJ
McAdams from the NYC Audubon had just left the latest
meeting regarding the nest restoration and was
positive about the progress being made. EJ McAdams
says the restoration should be underway by Tuesday of
next week although there are weather issues that might
affect the progress of the work. For example, the nest
apparently caused some damage to the facade of the
building because it blocked ventilation, so that must
be repaired before the nest railing and spikes can be
installed. This can only be done if it does not rain.
For this reason, this part of the work might actually
commence on Saturday (it is supposed to rain and snow
on Sunday), but this is unclear at the moment. 

Some protesters are unhappy with the slowness of the
process. They believe that Richard D. Cohen and the
co-op board are not acting in good faith, that they
are dragging their feet in the hopes that the birds
will leave, and they have some good reasons to believe
this, in my opinion. These protesters believe that
silent vigils and peaceful protests are easily ignored
by the residents and their neighbors and thus are not
achieving the goal: reinstallation of the structures
that anchored Pale Male and Lola's nest to the
cornice. These protesters are becoming increasingly
restless and are agitating for significant progress to
occur by Tuesday, the 21st of December, although I
have no clue of what they plan to do if their demand
is not met. 

More details and updates can be found on my blog.

Devorah A. N. Bennu, PhD
Independent Scholar and
Research Associate,
American Museum of Natural History
birdologist [at] yahoo [dot] com
public blog: http://girlscientist.blogspot.com

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