[Tweeters] Glaucous Gull(s) at Perry Creek

Jason Paulios jpaulios at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 17 21:35:01 PST 2004

Hello all, Keith Brady and I made a quick swing through the Perry Creek area
near Mud Bay (Thurston County off 101) to look for Bill's Glaucous Gull.
After a few minutes searching Keith spotted a lightly marked first-year
GLAUCOUS GULL sitting with some Glaucous-winged and hybrid gulls. Its size
and color were quite noticeable. We moved up a bit down the road and Keith
spotted a very white "worn-looking" 1st year Glaucous near the shore. I
believe this is the bird that Bill believes could have some Glaucous-winged
involved due to some minute markings on the bill. We didn't see this, but
we weren't really looking that hard. This bird really stands out, bright
white and large bodied.

Also present were some Herring Gulls and possibly an adult Thayer's. A
scope would be great here, allowing you to see birds very close up. The
feeding in the mud combined with mushy dead salmon leaves many of the bird's
bills draped in black, so be careful assessing bill color.

Jason Paulios
Jpaulios at earthlink.net
Olympia, WA

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