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Ian Paulsen birdbooker at zipcon.net
Sat Dec 18 20:14:14 PST 2004

I got this from Alvaro Jaramillo:

I am just in from some time away, and not prepared to answer in full
detail. However, have a look at those series of books on hybrid ducks by
Eric and Barry Gillham (self published in Britain). Somewhere in one of
those books they discuss the Baikal Teal pattern, and also the green head
band pattern which is a component of the Baikal pattern and how this pops
in many hybrid combinations. The suggestion is that it is a common pattern
to many ducks, but which is not expressed fully in many species although
may be carried in their genes.

The other resource to look at is:

Johnson and Soreson. Comparing Molecular evolution in two mitochondrial
protein coding genes (Cytochrome b and ND2) in the dabbling ducks (tribe
Vol. 10, No. 1, August, pp. 82-94, 1998

They provide a robust phylogeny for the dabblers, and you guessed it, the
Baikal Teal is at the base of the tree. In fact Steamer Ducks, Spectacled
Duck, Crested Duck, and Brazilian Ducks are more squarely inside the Anas
group than is the Baikal Teal. This not only suggests that the Baikal Teal
is an early branch in the tree, but that the genus Anas probably needs to
subdivided into a few.



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