[Tweeters] Northern Flickers

Cliff Drake cliff at cliffdrake.net
Sat Dec 18 20:37:54 PST 2004

Hi gang

I'm seeing at least three NORTHERN FLICKERS around my yard now, a male
female pair of Red shafted and at least one intergrade. My question is
it looks like the intergrade has red shafts with yellow under the wings
and tail. Is this normal in the intergrade spectrum? It has a red
crescent on the nape and a red malar stripe. I didn't notice the red
shafts with the yellow undersides until the last few days, could be
more than one bird. Lots of vocalizations. Also, do the yellow shafted
have a higher pitched call than the red or is it a male / female thing
? Someone in the neighborhood is a real soprano.

Cliff Drake
Ballard,  Seattle WA
cliff at cliffdrake.net 

PS, I hope this isn't a duplicate, I'm having a terrible time with my
mail servers sending mail.

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