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Jason and the rest of the Olympia CBC participants, and other Tweeters,

Actually, we believe we had 2 Anna's Hummingbirds, although they were both
seen in the Boston Harbor area. The interesting thing about them (or it) was
that there were no feeders evident where they were seen. The first one was
in the yard of a feeder/waterfront counter/participant, and he clearly had
no feeder up. He did plan to put one up as soon as he realized he had a
hummingbird in his yard, however. The 2nd one was seen several minutes later
a few blocks away. It could have been the same bird, but it also could have
been a 2nd bird. George and I decided (I think) to count 2 hummers.

Kristin Stewart

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> Hello all, the Olympia CBC took place yesterday with very good results

> (species #s were good, but overall numbers felt lower than normal for many

> species). The morning started off with mist/drizzle that became rain for

> much of the circle, but the Nisqually/Lacey areas just got drizzle and


> high winds. Midday and afternoon was great for the downtown area with


> skies for a few moments. Unfortunately for the Nisqually counters the


> winds kept many of the sparrows hidden and very high tides kept saltmarsh

> access minimal here. The count was further hampered by only one boat on


> water instead of the usual two.


> Highlights included:

> G. White-fronted Goose

> 1 Egyptian Goose (present since June at the base of Tumwater Falls, neat

> looking bird but definitely not ABA-compliant)

> 2 Long-tailed Ducks (1 on the boat, 1 on the south end of Capitol Lake)

> 1 Black Scoter (Luhr Beach, 4 were present on Friday; we often miss this

> now-rare scoter in the extreme south sound)

> 2 Glaucous Gulls (Perry Creek)

> California Gull (Nisqually Reach)

> Herring Gull (multiple locales)

> Ruffed Grouse (often missed I believe)

> 1 Anna's Hummingbird (for some reason Olympia has few of these)

> Cedar Waxwing (often missed)

> 1 Mountain Chickadee (Cooper Point Road at a feeder)

> 1 Orange-crowned Warbler (West Bay)

> 1 Harris's Sparrow (Erik Craig's house- see earlier post)

> and others that I am probably forgetting.


> Nothing earth-shattering, but a few very hard to find winter birds for

> Thurston County and a couple of code 5s (Mountain Chickadee, Harris's

> Sparrow). Then of course there were the misses: Bonaparte's Gull, Brown

> Pelican (the two were seen last week), Redhead (seen lately), American

> Pipit, all the owls...but let's not think of those!


> Jason Paulios

> Jpaulios at earthlink.net

> Olympia, WA



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