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Wed Dec 22 14:10:05 PST 2004

Hello Tweets,
The people out for the Redwing today sure gave the neighborhood a show. I can honestly say I have never seen 40 some birders barrel up a street with such a possessed intent. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone today, not to mention that incredible bird and the few Common Redpolls around . Since I am going to school at Evergreen down in Olympia it would be awesome if this bird sticks around till I am back at school. Either way I wanted to thank Gene for finding the bird and letting us all know about it. Not many people would subject their neighborhood to loads of birders prowling about with binoculars, scopes, and cameras. Also I wanted to thank Mike and Merry Lynn (excuse me if I spelled that wrong) Denny for relocating the bird this morning on Milroy, because not many people were going quite so far from Rogers St. to look for it. Good luck to everyone who heads out in the future to find it.
Just walking around the neighborhood Lee Barnes, Colin Thoreen, and I picked up nearly 30 species today, which was a nice addition to a day spent mainly looking at American Robins. Besides the Redwing and the Common Redpolls, we had good views of Peregrine Falcons overhead and one with a starling in its talons. Good Birding Everyone.

Brendan McGarry
uglyduckling at comcast.net
Seattle and Olympia, WA

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