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Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 22 14:52:26 PST 2004

Hi Tweeters,

According to young man in the literal pack of birders
looking at the Redwing he counted 59 birders!

I had to beg for the chance to see the bird from my
coworkers. They are so great, they let me take a 4hr
plus "lunch" to see the Redwing. (UW to Olympia and
back). I just didn't know if the bird would be there
until the upcoming holiday weekend. The area the
Redwing is in is in general a very birdy area indeed
and I was impressed with that. I was really focused
and did not see the Redpolls but did see the
Red-breasted Sapsucker in a tree that hosted the
Redwing for awhile.

I didn't see any of my regular birding buddies but did
see some familiar faces. I don't even have names to a
lot of you yet but I recognize the faces and that avid
birder look!

The people counting fellow had the neatest little
Swarvoski scope. I think I know what I want for a
scope in the future now. Some of the Leica and Pentax
scopes have incredible clarity but I don't want to
haul one around that big. His scope was very nice.

Last year it was the Gyrfalcon for Christmas, this
year the Redwing, yeah:-)


--- uglyduckling at comcast.net wrote:

> Hello Tweets,

> The people out for the Redwing today sure

> gave the neighborhood a show. I can honestly say I

> have never seen 40 some birders barrel up a street

> with such a possessed intent. I thoroughly enjoyed

> seeing everyone today, not to mention that

> incredible bird and the few Common Redpolls around .

> Since I am going to school at Evergreen down in

> Olympia it would be awesome if this bird sticks

> around till I am back at school. Either way I

> wanted to thank Gene for finding the bird and

> letting us all know about it. Not many people would

> subject their neighborhood to loads of birders

> prowling about with binoculars, scopes, and cameras.

> Also I wanted to thank Mike and Merry Lynn (excuse

> me if I spelled that wrong) Denny for relocating the

> bird this morning on Milroy, because not many people

> were going quite so far from Rogers St. to look for

> it. Good luck to everyone who heads out in the

> future to find it.

> Just walking around the neighborhood Lee

> Barnes, Colin Thoreen, and I picked up nearly 30

> species today, which was a nice addition to a day

> spent mainly looking at American Robins. Besides

> the Redwing and the Common Redpolls, we had good

> views of Peregrine Falcons overhead and one with a

> starling in its talons. Good Birding Everyone.


> Brendan McGarry

> uglyduckling at comcast.net

> Seattle and Olympia, WA >


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