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The Washington BirdBox is a voice mailbox sponsored by the Washington
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Thursday, December 16th, 3:42pm. Hi this is Anna Kelliga.?? and I have a MT
CHICKADEE in my backyard. I live in a residental area of Alki and the bird is
easy to see at my suet feeder. A neighbor had it for a couple of days and
did not know what it was.

Friday, December 17th, 4:02pm. Hello, this is Charlie Wright, and about 1:30
this afternoon Fred Boshe and I confirmed that there was a BAIKAL TEAL at the
Kent Ponds, a male. To view this bird; from 212th head South on 64th ave
and at the corner of 226th there is a small parking lot. Walk the powerline
trail and you get to a bridge when the trail turns left. Go 3 pwerlines past
that and look right for a view of the ponds. You can also view this bird from
the South tower at the Kent Ponds.

Saturday, December 18th, 5:23pm. Hi this is Steve Mlodinow and at the Kent
Ponds there was a “Brewster Duck”, a Mallard/Gadwall hybrid or also a
something hybrid Gadwall/Widgeon or Eurasian Widgeon. Also, Kevin Aanerud heard a
SWAMP SPARROW along the path near the east end.

Saturday, December 18th, 7:12pm. Hi this is Scott Atkinson reporting for the
Everett CBC. In the main pond at the Everett STP, there was a EARED GREBE in
the SE corner, and a HARLAN’S RED-TAILED HAWK was also in the same area. On
the paved trail that runs North/South, just before you cross onto Spencer Is,
on the stp side, there was a SWAMP SPARROW. Also, about 200yds up the trail
and then another 75yds further north on the trail to the west of Spencer Is,
I had 2 COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. Then from 12th st NE, a rd peels off to the
east and just before Langus Rd I had a COMMON REDPOLL in overflight at the end of
the rd near the dike. Then I had a 3rd SWAMP SPARROW and another HARLAN’S
RED-TAILED HAWK plus a female NORTHERN GOSHAWK from the tree farm, on the South
Island rd. Lastly, at Langus Waterfront Park I had a GLAUCOUS GULL.

Monday, December 20th, 6:40pm. This is Michael Carmody, Spokane, Wa
reporting from Odessa, Wa. Had a couple of BLUE JAYS here, and there were a lot in
the Fall at the corner of 2nd ave in an area smaller than the Northgate Mall.
Lincoln Co is important to West side birders. possibly for the CBC.

Tuesday, December 21st, 9:38am. Hi this is Gene Revelas in Olympia, Wa and I
have relocated the REDWING, Asian Thrush, at 8:30am. It is on 5th st between
Clemants and Rogers. The outside address is 132, visable from the street.
The bird is assoc. with American Robins.

Tuesday, December 21st, 3:47pm This Rachel Lawson, and I am looking at the
REDWING in Olympia as reported by Gene Revelas.

Also, from last week, Dennis Duffy had an ICELAND GULL from the Renton. His
message was cut off for some reason.

Doug Watkins
dougnpip at aol.com
Bainbridge Is. Wa.
(206) 780-0267

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