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A great place cafe is Traditions which is on 5th and columbia. Its a great little place with a lot of great organic food and fair traded, shade grown coffee. They also have an amazing selection of fairly traded folk art at good prices. I know that I feel good when I support a place like that. Good Thai? The Lemon Grass is a little spendy but the best in town for sure. Best pizza by the slice is on division, called Vic's Pizza (owned and run by one of the same people who ran Guido's Pizza when it was still around in Seattle). Just thought I would add my two cents worth. Sorry if I sounded like a tourist board representative...good birding everyone and good luck with the Redwing.

-Brendan McGarry
uglyduckling at comcast.net
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> Dear Tweeters,


> Thanks to Gene Revelas for sharing this astounding

> bird!


> Thanks also to Rick and Sharon Toochin for helping

> out. They stuck around after having seen the bird, and

> put quite a few of us late arrivals onto the Redwing

> after it had flown away from Milroy Street.


> Now, may I humbly offer a suggestion to visiting

> birders?


> Spend some money in Olympia!


> No, not tax dollars....


> After all the kind words from bemused locals, I

> decided to patronize a restaurant in the neighborhood.

> The sushi bar on Harrison Avenue was a nice way to

> celebrate after seeing the bird. I made sure to take

> my binoculars in there, too.


> It does make one feel rather the dork, carrying bins

> into an eatery, but it makes a statement. Birders come

> to see the birds, but they also spend some bucks in

> local businesses.


> I would also recommend the car wash on the other side

> of the street. They give the vehicle a once-over with

> big mops before the automated part of the process

> begins. Fun!




> =====


> Yours truly,


> Gary Bletsch


> near Lyman (Skagit County), Washington


> garybletsch at yahoo.com



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