[Tweeters] A Redwing Wing Ding!

mike denny m.denny at charter.net
Wed Dec 22 22:45:01 PST 2004

Hello All,
What a great day it has been! This morning after circling block after block on foot in this very fine and interesting Olympia neighborhood, MerryLynn and I walked west to see if by chance the eagerly searched for Redwing had re-located. As we neared Milroy and 4th a flock of Am. Robins came out of the east and lit in two trees in front of us. This is when MerryLynn spotted the Redwing high in a leafless tree. Now we knew there were a fair number of birders in the area searching, searching hard for the Redwing. We knew that there might be as many as 20-25 birders circulating about several blocks to the east of our location. So I put the word out over the FRS radio and after repeating that we had just relocated the Redwing and where we were. We then waited for what seemed like several long, long moments as the Redwing stayed perched seemingly also waiting. Suddenly I heard a certain thunder,a clatter and dozens of running feet. Looking east down 4th street what I saw was astounding! There coming towards us was a New York Marathon size crowd rushing over the hill (60+ folks), carefully bundled against the cold air with spotting scopes, long camera lenses and some of the most intense looks of hope I have ever seen. The Redwing was frozen in place as this expectant force of friends and birders arrived in mass. When the Redwing was pointed out those dozens of almost frantic, intense searching looks melted into huge smiles of relief and joy as loud cheers rose all around. We counted 72 observers present while the Redwing watched from above. I believe that everyone had great views of this outstanding rarity. A HUGE THANKS to Gene for sharing and reporting this very rare species. This was a real wing ding of a day and a super Christmas present!  

 We really enjoy being part of the birding community in Washington as there is great appreciation of the rare and unexpected!  Later Mike                             ********************************************************************
Mike & MerryLynn Denny
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