[Tweeters] Redwing in the news

Dennis Rockwell denrockwell at surfbest.net
Thu Dec 23 16:18:27 PST 2004

Well, much as I might like to see it, circumstances will prevent me from
chasing the Redwing. However, a few minutes ago I was sitting in front of
the idiot box watching CNN and playing "chase the tennis ball" with my new
puppy and, lo and behold, a banner ran across the bottom of the screen
announcing the Redwing's discovery in Olympia. The only problem I saw: it
was described as this species' first appearance on this continent, whereas I
believe that it is in fact just it's first appearance on this coast. Oh
well, it was still cool to see this event get such coverage.

Dennis Rockwell Kennewick, WA denrockwell at surfbest.net

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