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Thu Dec 23 17:33:30 PST 2004

Greetings All

Today at the Tacoma rendering plant off Lincoln (near Go-gli-hi-te? Wetlands) 
Dennis Duffy and I had a second year Iceland Gull.

If you have the Gulls of North America, Europe, and Asia book, look at plate 
268 on p. 222-- pretty much a dead ringer except there was more black on the 
bill and it was not so cleanly demarcated from the pale base. The base of the 
bill did have that odd yellow-flesh color. In flight, there was not a trace of 
a secondary bar and the wings looked uniform. Note the tail does appear as a 
band, because as this bird is entering its 2nd winter, the rump has a fair bit 
of white in it. The tail color, however, is similar to that of the wings.

Anyway, otherwise, the bird had a gray back/scaps, was shaped and sized much 
like a Thayer's, had marbled brown and whitish wing coverts and -- importantly 
-- tertials (not mostly solid tertials as in Thayer's). The primaries were 
concolorous with the wing coverts- a brownish gray with broad pale edges, 
particularly on the inner surfaces (which as the bird stands, is the top side of the 

Lots of bird activity there today as, if smell is to be trusted, there were 
many carcasses being processed.

Steven Mlodinow
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