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Greetings All

I was in touch with Maynard Axelson, the aviculturist on Fir Island. He 
seemed to think that there was a fair chance the Baikal was a wild bird, and he 
thought that a captive raised Falcated Duck x Mallard was unlikely. He referred 
me to Paul Dye, a local and renowned aviculturist, who passed on the following. 
Guess I'll be back in Kent looking for Baikal Teal. As a thought to others 
who might do the same, I have a sneaking feeling this bird spends much of its 
time where we can't see it--either in off limit portions of the Kent Ponds or in 
the numerous nearby wetlands. It might be worthwhile spending more time 
driving about looking at flooded fields in the area. See Paul Dye's comments below

Steven Mlodinow
Everett, WA

To the best of my knowledge there are no state or federally licensed
waterfowl keepers in the Kent area.  That does not rule out the presence
of someone who is unlicensed existing, as a license is only required for
someone keeping waterfowl "commercially" (to sell).  Also, I personally
know of no one keeping Falcated in the Pierce/King/Snohomish County

The production of hybrids is frowned on by responsible breeders and all
avicultural organizations.  Its not impossible that there might be a
"bad apple" hobbyist out there somewhere. 

The Baikal is another matter.  There have been several sightings in AK
and elsewhere, and it's possible it is a wild transient.  At $175.00
each it's unlikely anyone would release one on purpose.

Have a merry Christmas,
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