[Tweeters] Redwing update today at Olympia

Ruth Sullivan godwit at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 24 17:48:50 PST 2004

Hello Tweets,

The Redwing was again observed this afternoon by 8 birders between 4:05pm-4:10pm along Decatur Street,which lies between 4th and 5th Street. The bird was spotted by Mike Kohn of the Olympia area,as we stood along the sidewalk between 405 and 421 Decatur Street,until the bird flew in from the east and landed in a leafless deciduous tree with several Holly trees nearby. We used our FRS radios and 5 other lucky birders showed up and we all watched the bird for another few minutes,as it perched alone in the leafless tree until the bird became somewhat nervous and flew to an unknown location with 8-10 Am.Robins towards Cushing Street.The bird was observed at one of the same locations that noted yesterday,so perhaps it seems comfortable here. There were fairly good crowds of birders at around 3pm,but many had left the area after 3:30pm,so we are happy we stayed around.We were unable to get any photos of the bird this afternoon due to the angle of the bird and lighting conditions. Several birders arrived after the bird flew off,as we gave them the updated news.

We also heard of a second hand report from a few birders in the field of the Redwing being observed at or around 9:30am this morning in the general area surrounding 4th Street. Perhaps that individual will post their sightings.Tomorrow will be another day,but we wanted to post our sightings!

Good birding and Merry Christmas,

Ruth and Patrick Sullivan
godwit at worldnet.att.net

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