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Hi Youse Guys:

The Fish and Wildlife Service put out a report about birding in the U.S. based on the scientfic survey in 2001 about the fishing, hunting and wildlife associated recreation. Also a report concerned about such activities in this state.

Briefly, it reported that 1,827,000 residents of this state were involved in serious birding activities, and their expenditures totaled $979 MILLION. That included all expenditures such as travel, both in and out of the state, food and lodging, equipment etc.. The total of birders was 30.9% of our population. Amazing. Anglers totaled 14.8% and their expenditures constituted $853.8 million. Hunters constituted 3.9% of our population and they spent $349.8 million.

The various reports have scads of statitics to plow through. In essence they show that birders are not exactly a minority, and they spent  more than anglers or hunters. So, birders should show some of their economic clout to the general public and legislators and other governmental officials so as to do something for the welfare of this resource which would include saving essential habitat of birds instead of seeing more and more habitat lost. Money makes the mare go. 

Ugh, me have spoken, ugh!

Broken down old (85) retired USFWS wildlife biologist/administrator
Gene Kridler, Squirm-er-Sequim
kridler at olypen.com
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    You may 
    feel dorky with doughnut crumbs falling on your bins, but you can bet 
    your dollars will be remembered.

  I always make sure that my rainguard is securely in place when I enter the doughnut shoppe. Few things are more difficult to remove from bins than powdered sugar.

  Joe Meche
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