[Tweeters] White-winged Crossbills ID=birders

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I think this is an excellent example of feeder watcher vs birder vs serious
birder. Chris believes his grandparents are not birders, but if they can ID
a White-winged Crossbill at their feeder they certainly qualify to the
threshhold of the USFWS survey.

I still have Mountain Chickadees coming into my feeders, and at least 5
Red-breasted Nuthatches. Yesterday 8 Yellow-rumped Warblers tried to use
the birdbath but only 5 fit a one time.

Merry Christmas all!

Randy Hill
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> Birders,


> My grandparents reported White-Winged Crossbills at their birdbath in

> Kelowna a couple of weeks ago. They are not birders, and White-winged

> Crossbills are awfully rare in the valley bottom so I said, they must be

> bright finches, maybe Pine Grosbeaks. I asked them to try to get a picture

> and tonight when they arrived for rum and eggnogs they brought with them

> gifts! No not frankinsense and Thick-billed Murre, but a photo of a

> stunning male White-winged Crossbill at the birdbath! Just goes to show

> that you never can disregard reports of rare birds without a little

> thought. They live in the Ranch Park trailer park in the Ellison area

> along Old Vernon Road. Apparently the birds (about 4) are fairly regular

> in the trailer park so anyone wanting to look there should do so.


> Merry Christmas Everyone,


> Chris Charlesworth



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