[Tweeters] smarter birder $'s spent by 1.8 million birders

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at quidnunc.net
Sat Dec 25 13:33:32 PST 2004

While on the subject of how many "serious birders" there are and how much we
spend, I'd like to advocate for more strategic spending of those birder
dollars.  When we go to rural and wild areas to enjoy nature we often find
that the people who live there aren't always as supportive of maintaining
the wildness as we might like.  In addition their incomes and economy is
often dependent on activities that might not be so good for the ecosystem.
This in turn leads to less support for ecologically sound policies by
legislators from those districts and less ecologically sound land management
by the residents of those areas than we might like.  If we bought less of
our supplies and gas in the city and bought more from the businesses near
the wilder areas we might garner more support from the residents of those
areas.  We could also wear our binoculars into the store and asked where the
best local birding or wildflower spots were to make it clearer that we were
spending nature-bucks.  I suppose if we stamped a nature symbol onto the
bills the local residents would see the nature-bucks as they circulated
through the local economy.

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