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Hi Scott and All:
Here is a rather disjointed msg w/ directions to KENT PONDS that I
sent to Tweeters in June. Hope you can figure out the directs. from
I-5. Just take exit 152 and go east on Orillia Rd. I hope you get to
see the Baikal Teal. I haven't seen it yet, as it's quite stealthy.
I also hear there is a Short-eared Owl down there, but haven't seen it
yet this winter.
Yours, Carol Schulz
Here are some DIRECTIONS to Kent Ponds (Green River Natural Resources
Area), and Boeing Ponds.
The 308 acre area is next to S 212th St, a main East-West street thru
north Kent, WA. 212th can be accessed from I-167 (the Valley Freeway)
at 212th exit, or from I-5 at the Orillia Rd exit (exit 152). Orillia
Rd becomes 212th down in the valley.

One of our favorite viewing areas, accessible any time (no fence) is
"the Grassy Knoll". Take 64th Ave south from 212th about 3/4 mile,
and park at Web Press bldg or at the pullout across 64th. Walk up
onto the knoll to view much of the area.

Another viewing spot into the various ponds is along the Power Line
Trail. Turn south from S 212th St. on 64th Ave, and continue south
past the Animal Shelter and Kent Ponds to the first road to the right
(S 226th). Drive west to a large white bldg w/ blue roof trim. It
used to say Advo but the bldg is now empty. Park on the west side and
walk north onto the Power Line paved trail. You can see the various
pond areas where the teal has been seen from this trail. A viewing
tower to the left is called the south tower, and the gate is not
closed there. There is a good view of some of the water areas from
the tower, but I don't think anyone has seen the B. Teal from there.

GRNRA is a large 300+ acre area managed for water-control and wildlife
the heart of the Kent Valley industrial area. It consists of fields,
and ponds. There are 3 viewing stands in the area. Many of you know
there is no longer any mud down at GRNRA (Kent Ponds) because they now
the water level high. But just to the north of GRNRA is what we now

BOEING PONDS. It is north of Kent Ponds, and is immediately north of
the big Boeing Kent Space Center. There are about 4 ponds. Quite a
bit of mud is visible.
Go west on 212th from 64th Ave about 5 blocks. Across from the KOA,
turn north on 59th Place. Travel north about 1/2 mile. Park at the
pond on the right, or continue about 2 more blocks as 59th Pl turns to
the east. Park at the traffic barrier on 62nd Ave, and walk in about
2 blocks south toward the big Boeing buildings. You will be able to
see the small pond as you approach the back of the ponds. (You cannot
see this pond from the road.)
More DIRECTIONS to GRNRA (Kent Ponds - The West Side): (These
directions take you to a main parking lot which is over on the other
side (west side) of Kent Ponds. We meet there in the winter when we
do tours of the area.)
Take I-5 to Orillia Road exit 152. This is near SeaTac
airport. Turn east on Orillia Rd down into the Kent Valley. When you
the bottom of the hill continue east on Orillia as it becomes S 212th
Go approx 1 mile across the valley, until you cross the bridge. Cross
bridge slowly, and just on the other side of the bridge, take a hard
onto Russell Rd. Drive south on Russell Rd (the Green River &
Landing Park w/ restrooms will be on the right). The big main parking
will be on your left about 3/4 mile south on Russell Road.
If you take I-167 (the Valley Freeway), exit at S 212th St which is
north of
Kent. Travel west across the valley to the other side. Do a U-turn
at the
light at 42nd Ave and come back approx 1 mile on 212th to the bridge.
Follow directions above.

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