[Tweeters] Tip for preventing theft of equipment

J Bonham jvbonham at msn.com
Mon Dec 27 17:42:48 PST 2004

My husband is into photography, and is beginning to get enough equipment that we are worried about leaving it in our car when we go into a restaurant or somewhere. He met with another avid photographer and got a tip that I thought might be useful to everyone that likes to leave purses, etc, in cars, even though they are as well protected as possible. Last summer I watched all the postings with the sad subjects of so much loss as they were birding, etc. I thought this tip might be useful to everyone:

My husband was told to buy a diaper bag, put his equipment into it, and cover it with disposable diapers. A locked car with nothing but an old diaper bag and a few diapers showing out through it is something that the person using this trick has had total luck with. No self respecting thief, he said, would be caught stealing an old diaper bag.

I thought this might work with expensive birding equipment, purses, etc, which are often left under the seat in a locked car. Even in a locked trunk this might be a useful way to keep ahold of valuables.

Centralia, WA

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