[Tweeters] Snowy Owl on the Yakima Training Center

Denny Granstrand dgranstrand at charter.net
Mon Dec 27 18:38:50 PST 2004

Hi Tweeters,

John Hebert found the Snowy Owl late this morning that was originally found
(at least it is quite likely the same one) by Steve Seibert on December
19. Luckily he had a cell phone with him and I soon got the message. It
is nice to chase a bird so close to home.

I found John at the location he had seen the owl but the owl was gone
missing. We hunted for about 1 1/2 hours and finally located it a fairly
short distance from where John found it. We managed to sneak up close
enough for photos, two of which are in the new photos folder on my
website. I thank John for carrying a cell phone with him!

This is only the third substantiated Snowy Owl in Yakima County in since
1980. There was one east of Terrace Heights in 1981. Zee Butler and I saw
in on Feb. 14, 1981. Debie Brown saw one on the ridge behind her house on
Konnowac Pass on Nov. 20, 1996.

This winter of 2004/05 is turning into the best Snowy Owl year in quite a
long time. There are now at least five near Moses Lake and there have been
several other reports from Eastern Washington. Perhaps if we actually get
some winter weather, it may turn into a very exciting winter.

* Denny Granstrand *
* Yakima, WA *
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