[Tweeters] 3 Seattle Redheads

Mary Anne Thorbeck maryannethorbeck at comcast.net
Tue Dec 28 14:07:24 PST 2004

Hi Kathy,

The Sakuma Viewpoint Park was in our Seattle Audubon CBC count area last
Sunday and the three Redheads were present at that time also. They did get
counted! Shiva was the area leader and he thought that they were the
highlight of the day. I was kind of thinking that the Hermit Thrush in the
Arboretum was.

Mary Anne
maryannethorbeck at comcast.net

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> Hi Tweeters and Seattle CBC folks,


> Since yesterday at least 3 drake Redheads have been at

> the Sakuma Viewpoint park near Aqua Verde Restaurant.

> There may be 2 females as well. They do not look like

> Scaup females, no white around the bill. I will bring

> field guide tomorrow... They are all very close in

> with a mixed flock of ducks.


> The UW website shows the area on the SW campus map.

> The park is southeast and nearly adjacent to the UW

> policestation (on Boat Street). The connecting street

> is 15th Ave NE.


> Kathy

> Roosting in S King County




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