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Hello everyone!

My wife and I live, literally, a half block away from the Redwing's "usual spot" as of late (the corner of 4th and Decatur). It's been great seeing all the enthusiasm that this celebrity bird has generated. I think I speak for all my neighbors in welcoming you all to the area. Everyone from out of town I have talked to has been really friendly and excited, and more than willing to share stories and really cool optics gear with total strangers. 

I myself am a neophyte bird watcher, but I have been gleaning a knowledge and appreciation from my parents for years now. They actually volunteer at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge; If you are coming to O-Town for the Redwing Thrush, be sure to stop by the refuge as well! You will not be disappointed! Another much, much lower key place to check out is Priest Point Park. I've seen a number of piliated woodpeckers out there, and the occasional shorebird down along the beach at low tide.

Also cool, and pretty unusual for Olympia, are the two brown pelicans that have taken up residence down by the marina at Percival Landing. They've been known to pass through the area, but these two decided to hang out for a while. Impressively big birds, notably bigger than the herons you can see daily down at the waterline. There are also plenty of other birds down there, and across 5th Ave at Capitol Lake, including a kingfisher, cormorants, lots of buffleheads, and a couple of resident bald eagles. On the non-avian side of things, there are quite often seals swimming around and having fun under the 4th Ave bridge, and the very rare sea otter sighting or two.

I've gone on long enough, so I'll wrap things up. Just want to again express how welcome birders are in Olympia, and encourage you to really make a day (or three!) out of your visit beyond our star of the week. It really is a great town, and I feel lucky to live here.

-Mike Keith
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