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Thu Dec 30 16:42:26 PST 2004

Hi all,

  A BARN OWL in King County turns the race there into a 71-71 tie, while a new residential class entrant gives the unlikely neighborhood of Queen Anne bragging rights in Seattle.  Meanwhile a 14 year-old propels team to a likely victory in Brier!

  Conventional wisdom might have it that YardBirdRace excitement would die down in late October, after the fall migration has ended and most yardlists have settled down for the year.  But this is not the case!  The high mobility of even “nonmigratory” birds plus the informal YardBirdRace rules (entrants may register at any time throughout the year, so could sit on a list almost like a winning e-bay bid, and submit it in the last hour of the year) mean excitement actually builds as the deadline (midnight Dec. 31, a lowering ball on your tv set will commemorate the moment) approaches.  It’s as though a team you didn’t know was in the league could beat the New York Yankees or the Seattle Storm in the final game of the season.
    This is what’s happening now.  Residential Seattle class is now led by Don McVay of North Queen Anne with 55 species, the most recent one being a CHESTNUT BACKED CHICKADEE that was added only yesterday.
    The King County lead has become a tie, as was more or less predicted in the last press release, with Linda Davies of Sammamish picking up an exciting BARN OWL to tie Norma Larson of Tukwila, who has moved, at 71 each. Make sure you keep an eye peeled tomorrow, Linda!
      A new entry that is likely headed for victory in Brier is 49 by the mother/daughter team of Liz and Tayler Brooks.  Tayler, just 14 years of age, points to CALIFORNIA GULL as one of the most unusual birds on their great list.
   THE LEADERBOARD (with just over 24 hours till the deadline: Entries welcome until midnight December 31, 2004.)

#1 Overall: Eric & Laura Kraig.     Thurston Co. near Nisqually Reach,     119

#1  Pierce County  #1 Fircrest  Ruth & Patrick Sullivan  Fircrest, WA     84

#1 (tie) King County, #1 Tukwila  :   Norma Larson        Tukwila         71

#1 (tie)   King County #1   Sammamish :  Linda Davey                         71

#1  Bellevue   Christy Anderson                             55

#1    Redmond   Grace Olliver                                   55
#1    Eatonville    Dawn Bailey                                 55
#1     Brier   Liz & Tayler Brooks                49
#1 Seattle overall and #1 Class W  (waterview, in Seattle)    Denis DeSilvis    Duwamish Turning Basin            60

#2 Class W Jo Hoffman & Jeanne Marrazzo South Seattle    57  (note: this entry highlights the ambiguity of the classes as the water is about a 1/4 mile away, arguing perhaps for more classes (?)). 

#1 Class G (greenbelt Seattle)   #1 West Seattle    Lynne Darnell    West Seattle       50
#1 Class R   #1 North Queen Anne Don McVay        55
#2 Class R   #1 Mt. Baker  (residential Seattle)    Sandra (Sam) Wood                     43
#3  Class R      Georgia Conti     West Seattle                                             41                           
#1   Phinney Ridge  (Class R)           Brett Wolfe                                        34
#1  South Queen Anne (Class R)            Rachel Lawson                                      25

#1 Class M  (multifamily Seattle)  Patricia Lott          Greenwood                       26

Late entrants are still very welcome.  Enter by emailing me your current total list, the whereabouts of your yard of less than 1.2 acres, and your phone number.  Also try to include the name of your local neighborhood or town or region newspaper and possibly any local tv or radio that I wouldn’t know about.   Entering constitutes a willingness to be publicized and talk to the media  .

Entrants can pick up a door prize at my store, a box of 8 wildlife note cards and a shade coffee poster.  

Yearbirds are defined as birds seen from the yard, and do not have to have been physically in the yard, from January 1 2004 through December 34, 2004.

The next press release should come out early in the first week of the new year and advertisements announcing the winners should follow.

Ed Newbold, residential Beacon Hill  Seattle. newboldwildlife at netscape.net

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