[Tweeters] Snowy Owls again

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Thu Dec 30 20:36:27 PST 2004

I finally got back up to look for the Snowy Owls south of Moses Lake where Doug Schonewald had 5 on Monday.  My wife and I did a complete search of the area (Road M to Perch Point and Roads 3-6) Thursday afternoon last week and came up empty.  Doug searched in the morning and that may have been a factor as I have had poor success the last few years in the afternoon.  Today there was snow on the ground, heavy dark overcast skies with an occasional flake of snow or drizzle.  This condition has been good in the past, and we did find two SNOWY OWLS today between 3 and 4 pm.  One was north of Road 4 SE closer to Road K than Road L.The other was a mile south, visible from Rd 5 SE looking north between Roads K and L.  A Merlin was along Road 6 east of Road K

Farther south closer to SR 26, the family of 5 Trumpeter Swans was still in a field west of Road D SE at Road 14.8 SE, NW of Royal Lake.  Also a Prairie Falcon there.  There were 70+ swans on Royal Lake, and 21K Mallards.  I did not find any Tricolored Blackbirds near the Para Ponds but the flock was not large close to McManamon Road.  I did see Brown-headed Cowbirds and Yellow-headed Blackbirds mixed in with lots of Brewer's and Red-wings.

Randy Hill

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