[Tweeters] Moses Lake Snowy Owls

ZINGIE at aol.com ZINGIE at aol.com
Fri Dec 31 11:42:08 PST 2004

Yesterday a friend and I went in search of the Snowy Owls. We got to Moses
Lake around 10am and after an hour of searching, we wondered if perhaps they
were just too hard to see because it was snowing/raining off and on. Then we got
to the corner of K and 4th street and there was a gorgeous Snowy right on the
telephone pole! We watched her until she flew across the street and landed on
an old shack in the middle of the field. We went to look for others but didn't
find any. We later returned to the field and she had moved to some of the
farming equipment farther out. We also saw tons of kestrels, ravens, and mourning
doves and we heard one meadowlark singing near the owl. On the way to Moses
Lake a beautiful adult peregrine flew over the freeway, about 10 minutes before
the Cle Elum exit.
It is definitely worth it to go and look for these owls, they are stunning.

Simone Cook
Seattle/Olympia, WA
Zingie at aol.com

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