Banded Raven in Hoh Rain Forest

Tangren family at
Sat Feb 14 07:34:55 PST 2004

In March 2001 I gave my daughter and her school roommates from
Pennsylvania a mini-tour of Washington State. One of the stops,
of course, was the Hoh Rain Forest. Amongst the highlights of
he quiet drizzle through the soft greens of the towering ecosystem
was a raven who came up and introduced itself to us in the parking
lot. It was also equipped with color bands, and a radio transmitter.
We were told it was part of a corvid behavioral study. We offered
it the one thing we had in the car, a banana, which we peeled
first. I believe these girls, non-birders, will always know the
raven as the bird flying off through the mist and deep forest with
with this tropical fruit, a whole peeled banana, in its beak,
possibly to share with its mate.

--Jerry < at>

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