Coopers hawk?

Wm Mulligan wmmulligan at
Tue Jan 20 08:23:06 PST 2004

While at our cabin in Cle Elum this weekend (over 3000' elevation and tons
of snow) a hawk appeared out of no where above our deck not 15' from the
window. He very neatly snatched a Stellar Jay from midair, banked sharply
to the right and flew off into the woods in the gully. It happened so
quickly and I was so surprised all I can remember is that it seemed big and
had a banded tail. I thought the hawks migrated south for the dead of
winter. We have sharp shinned, coopers, and redtailshanging around the
feeders, usually in late summer or fall. But they are usually juveniles and
inept. This guy was a pro! Any ideas what he might be? Penny Mulligan

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