Coopers hawk?

William Mulligan wmmulligan at
Tue Jan 20 13:11:38 PST 2004

Thank you one and all for responding to my question about the ID of the
hawk. After reading everyone's response and looking it up in my Sibley, I
think it was a Goshawk! Wow, goshawks were always those big white hawks
sitting way up on a cliff somewhere. The final point that helped the ID was
that the jay actually looked very small in the hawk's claws as he flew away.
The other midair "take" I have witnessed was years go in the middle of Ft
Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. A Merlin took a warbler. After the loud
crack of impact, feathers flooded down as the hawk flew off. This kill was
incredibly clean and the jay seemed to curl into itself. Thanks everyone.
Penny Mulligan

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