Wahkiakum & Lewis Counties, Saturday 1/24/04

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 24 19:52:51 PST 2004

Hi Tweets -
I spent Saturday checking out some locations in Wahkiakum & Lewis counties --
Showers popped up now and again throughout the day, so I really 
didn't see many sparrows as I'd hoped. But other goodies were around:
Wahkiakum Co: J.B. Hansen NWR -
WHITE-TAILED KITE - 2 or more seen from the HQ and along the main 
road soon after sunrise. The 2 I saw together were playing a bit, 
doing the flip-over-lock-talons trick as they flew over the HQ.
BLACK PHOEBE - 'the' phoebe was at the HQ, graciously. It was a 
little ways away from the building though, up towards where the road 
from the HQ exits onto the main loop road.
PEREGRINE FALCON - One flew by HQ at dawn and landed in a distant conifer.
DUNLIN - 50 + near the HQ
all seen throughout the loop drive.

Elsewhere in Wahkiakum:
AMERICAN DIPPER - One singing away, next to a bridge naturally: This 
was just under 3 miles up the road that turns n. off sr 4 along the 
Elochoman River. Look for a closed bridge at about that distance. And 
if you choose to go onto the bridge, beware that it can be awfully 

Driving through Longview, in Cowlitz Co, I saw a couple WESTERN 
SCRUB-JAY alongside the main road.

Lewis Co:
I made a loop using Pleasant Valley Rd - Twin Oaks - Bunker Ck - 
Ingalls - Lincoln Creek  [Delorme 46 D1 - 45 DC&B 8. Many of the 
fields are flooded, and the prospects seem good for ducks and 
sparrows in this area. It seemed there was about one AMERICAN KESTEL 
every mile -- NORTHERN PINTAIL by the hundreds, and even a small 
flock of DUNLIN [along Lincoln Ck rd, only a couple miles west of 

WHITE-TAILED KITE - 2 or more, again! Great scope views of one 
hovering for a long timeThese were seen on Big Hanaford Rd, north and 
east of Centralia. Just as listed in the ABA book, in fact. From 
Centralia, go out of town north & east on 507, then turn right onto 
Big Hanaford Rd and go about 5 miles. Watch the fields after the big 
steam plant. [Delorme: p.46 B/C-2]

As I watched the Kites over the field at about dusk, a GREAT HORNED 
OWL called out from the trees behind me - never did find it, but it 
continued calling for a while

Good birding,

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA


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